Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Bra Shopping

I went bra shopping yesterday.

Need I say more?

By the way ... why do I always go UP a size?

At least I didn't cry this time. 

Last time I went bra shopping (I brought my mom for moral support) I cried in the dressing room while the Nordstrom sales woman went and fetched me HUGE bras that were certainly not the correct size. 

They were.

I cried.

This time, I just accepted going into it, that I would most likely (again) need a larger size. And shoot, as long as they look good in a t-shirt, who am I to complain?

Nordstrom is wonderful. They participate in events like Fit for the Cure and work closely with organizations like Susan G. Komen

The sales associates are also fabulous. They are trained to size and fit you and specialize in helping women who have recently had mastectomies and other Breast Cancer related surgeries.

My acceptance of my larger bra size is nothing in the big picture.

I'm happy to be healthy and happy.

With that said, I still hate bra shopping. It rates right up there with JEAN and SWIMMING SUIT shopping.

And I'm glad it's over.

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Linda Vujnov said...

You just need to have a couple of kids, then your boobs will shrink to an A minus. Trust me, I know.