Thursday, July 3, 2008

THAT Kind Of Mom

I actually get more pathetic!

I just dropped Cooper off for boarding.

I was so sad. And in the rush of signing papers, jotting down instructions, keeping other dogs in the waiting room from biting Cooper's ears ... I forgot to say goodbye to my little man.

I was so sad!

Here's where the pathetic part comes in.

I actually asked the girl to go back and get him.

So I can say goodbye to my little man.

ARGH ... I'm like one of the mom's that used to drive me nuts when I taught Kindergarten. They would drop their kids off with me and stay outside the door, peaking in. Each time ... their child would cry.

I remember thinking, "Please, just leave. Nothing personal, but once you leave, your child will stop crying and my job will become monumentally easier."

Now I'm one of those moms!

But I couldn't help it. The 'What-Ifs' were going crazy in my mind.

What if he gets hurt while I'm gone?

What if he dies while I'm gone?

What if he can't sleep at night because he's not with his mommy?

What if he cries at night and no one is there to hear his calls (this one sounds especially pathetic)?

What if he has to go potty but they don't know it?

Seriously people ... I need some counseling.

And yes ... I DO realize he's just a dog.

But he's MY 'just a dog.'

Happy 4th of July everyone!


Eve said...

Your not pathetic, you did the right thing. Plus you know Cooper is having a great time playing there with all the other dogs.

Have tons of FUN on your trip and I can't wait to read all about it! :)

Jodie Howerton said...

Hey, girl...I miss you! When you get home, let's hang out! You are a good mama to Cooper! Any interest in adopting a rabid ( that's an exageration) rabbit to add to your brood?

Seriously, call me when you get back! I need girl hang time!