Thursday, September 25, 2008

15 Going On 32

I have a sub today to do reading assessments.

I'm pulling kids out of class to listen to them read, make sure they have all their letter-sounds, etc.

I love days like this because I get to have one-on-one conversations with kids. That doesn't always happen in the classroom with so much going.

Here are a few funny stories from the morning ...

I pulled a student out today and when he saw me, his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. This was our conversation ...
Student: Wow, Ms. Diederichs, you look like Hannah Montana today!
Pause ... pause.

Me: Is that a good thing?
Student: Yah, she's cool!
But I'm wondering ... should I be striving to look like a 15 year-old? I'm 32 after all. Something to think about.
(Note: I'm wearing black shoes, a blue-striped dress over jeans, a bright red coat and a bright multi-colored scarf. You know ... just in case you want to look 15 too.)

The next student I pulled out is new to this school. When I was having him tell me the letter-sounds, this is what he said ...
Student: Ms. Diederichs, in my old school we had these big boards with the letters on them and then we touched the letter and said its sound. We practiced this a lot.
Me: That's great, your old school sounds like a lot of fun.
Student: It was. My teacher's name was Miss Bridget.
Me: (because I'm a glutton for punishment) "Who's nicer? Me, or Miss Bridget?"
Student: Both
Me: Good answer
Student: At first I didn't want to come here but now I want to go to this school.
Me: (thinking its all because I'm the best teacher EVER!) That's so nice of you to say!
We high-five.
Student: Yah, because this school has a basketball hoop and my old school didn't.
Me: Oh

After this new student (whose admiration I'm trying to win over Ms. Bridget) was done reading I said ...
Me: Can you please go get Madison for me?
Student: Sure, but even if you don't say 'please,' I'll still do it.
Me: Oh, that's okay, I like to be polite.
Under my breath: And I'm trying to be nicer then Ms. Bridget is ... you know ... so you'll like me more.

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