Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lovable Quirks

I've learned something weird about myself.

I never thought it was weird until last week. I never put much thought into it at all ... until last week. Until it was pointed out to me. Or shall I say ... until I heard myself confess it out loud.

I was shopping at Target with my friend MaryBeth and we eventually meandered into the pajama section. MB pointed out these super cute pajama bottoms that she had purchased the week before. They were dark-blue and had little rainbows all over them. Adorable, right?!

When MB saw them, she said, "Oh my gosh, Lisa ... look how fun these pajama bottoms are! I bought them last week!"

And indeed ... they were really cute!

But I was more drawn to the pink ones with brown horses on them.

I considered buying them ... but something was pulling me towards the blue rainbow-strewn pants. It was a very hard choice.

After contemplating my purchase decision way to long, MB said, "Lisa, just buy the rainbow ones. Those are the ones you want. What's the hold-up?"

And here is where my personal revelation is reveled.

I said, "I can't ... I don't wear dark clothes to bed."

Insert silence ... lots of silence ...

If I could have bottled MB's facial reaction at this comment, I'd be a millionaire.

It was something between painful confusion, utter curiosity, and extreme awe.

But all that came out of her mouth was, "What?"

As my mind tried to play catch-up with MB's reaction, I realized how ridiculous I just sounded.

But it's true. I don't wear dark clothes to bed. My pajama selections stay in the following color groups:
  • white
  • light pink
  • pale yellow
  • light blue
And here's my even more ridiculous explanation of the previously-said ridiculous confession:
I think the dark-colored clothes will make me more hot. Like if I wear a green shirt (or any other clothing item that falls outside of the before-mentioned color-groups) to bed, I'll get really hot in the middle of the night.
I'm not quite sure what I think will happen after that ... because I've never tested my theory for an entire night's sleep.

A few months ago, I wore a maroon-colored shirt to bed, and I swear to you ... I got up within 10 minutes and had to switch to a white tank-top.

So long story short, I put the pink PJ's back on the rack, and exchanged them for a pair of the (dark) blue ones.

I'm happy to report that I've worn them to bed two times since purchasing them and I haven't woken up in pool of my own sweat, or died from over-heating.

But I'm not buying another pair of dark pajama pants. These will remain my only ones. And don't even THINK that I'm wearing a dark-colored t-shirt to bed. Just wearing a dark-colored t-shirt while the bedtime hour looms in the immediate future makes me antsy.

On a related topic ... I also spent an entire therapy session talking to my counselor about my fear of going into saunas (you know ... instead of talking about the obvious divorce I was going through). Somewhere along the line, I had convinced myself that I couldn't breathe in a sauna. That hot air actually contains less oxygen then more 'normal' temperature air.

Jeez. Where do I get this stuff?

After my counselor convinced me that oxygen levels remain the same in any temperature of air, I finally went into a sauna in my gym and stayed for about 3 minutes. It was all I could handle. I didn't die of oxygen deprivation ... but it wasn't pleasant and I won't do it again. You probably couldn't pay me to go back in one.

But now I know I won't die.

So, allow me to sum-up my personal growth accomplishments in the area of quirky :
  1. You won't die from oxygen deprivation in a sauna (if you stay in for 3 minutes or less)
  2. You will not die from heat-stroke if you wear dark clothes to bed (but this has only been tested on 100% cotton, capri-length dark-blue pajama bottoms. If you are wearing anything else ... do so at your own risk!)
Now that my friends ... is progress!

How about you, do you have any lovable quirks?


Ashley Julian said...

You remind me of a good friend of mine, and I love her for all her quirks. Every time I wear dark clothes to bed I will think of you :)

MB said...


MB said...

Seriously... :)

Eve said...

OMG this made me laugh out loud. I guess you can only wear dark colors from the waist down.

I like you even more after reading this! But seriously girl where do you get this stuff from?

Kelly McPherson said...

Lisa, I love you. This is fantastic! Way to branch out. I have my quirks too, but they're too numerous (and embarrassing) to leave as a comment. Maybe someday in the future we'll have a long stretch of time together, say on a plane, where we can discuss the hilarity of being us.

Lisa said...

ashley: i'd rather you think of me when you were LIGHT colors to bed :)

mb: thank you for loving me, and helping me to stretch beyond me beyond my comfort level.

eve: i have no idea where i get these from ... but there are more gems like these. like how i used to get freaked out when my car stopped (in traffic) under an over-pass ... had a therapy talk on that one too. you could say i'm a mess :)

kelly: it's a date. an 18 hour plan ride to africa should take care of that for us!