Monday, September 29, 2008

Tree // Me

During a very difficult time in my marriage, I went away on a week-long retreat.

One of the exercises I did was to find a special spot outside, sit there for a while, and write about something I saw in nature.

Here is what I wrote:
I am a tree.

I have deep roots which give me nourishment and keep me strong. My roots are what keep me grounded, yet allow me to grow strong, tall, and proud.

My skin is tough, which helps protect me from harsh outside influences. However, my needles are gentle and bring in the nourishment my body needs from the sun. 

I grow older, year after year. But with each new year that passes, I retain that knowledge and spirit by growing taller and wider.

Some of my needles may fall, but I grow new ones as I need them. I may become crooked or bent with time, but my experiences give me depth and beauty.

My bark protects me from dangerous elements so that my beauty within is constant.

I am strong. 

Animals seek me for shelter, rest, nourishment for themselves. Yet I retain strength for myself. So that I may lead a beautiful, long, and meaningful life.
We were then asked to re-read our writing and highlight key describing words (which I've highlighted in bold).

And a beautiful picture emerged.

A picture that I strive for daily ...

To be me.


Eve said...

Lisa that is so beautiful. I would like to make a copy of this for a wonderful reminder,if that's ok with you. I love it!

Lisa said...

i don't mind at all!


Terri said...

So beautiful and a thought I hold dear. I actually scrapbooked a page with a similar message about a specific tree on a hike on Stevens Pass. Thanks so much for sharing.... from an OCC sister