Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm ready to recognize (and say out loud) that I've developed a bad, BAD habit.

Over the last two years, I've become an impulsive eater.

This, of course, is after many years of therapy and digging down to the source of my pain. [read: divorce sucks]

But here's the bottom line:

If I see it.
And like how it looks.
I eat it.
With no regard to health.
With no regard to hunger.

I am filling a void.

I'm also gaining weight (go figure - literally).

So here is the new thing I'm trying. I'm sharing it with you because if you're an impulsive eater, or have a sweet tooth and want to cut back, this may help you.

I'll eat applesauce, but I don't love it.

So ... whenever I see something I want (but not need) to eat, I think to myself, "Am I hungry enough to eat applesauce?"

And just that little thought, helps me:
  • Step back and think
  • Am I hungry? Or impulsively eating?
  • Is that what my body really wants?
  • Is that the type of food I want to be putting in my body?
  • Is this best for me?
Usually my answer is no. No. I'm not hungry.

When the answer is yes, I eat some applesauce. I have a jar of it at home, and keep a couple individual serving-sized ones at work, and one in my purse.

So ... maybe pick the food that you don't love, but would eat if you're hungry?!?

Let me know if it works for you ...

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mrsmouthy said...

That's funny! I used to do that, too. "Would I eat a bowl of oatmeal right now?" I'd forgotten that technique, but maybe I'll reinstate it...