Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have ...

... a really dirty house.

All I can think about blogging about is the sad state of my home ... but I don't want to disgust you.

Like, would you be disgusted if I told you there is dog hair everywhere? 


Would you be disgusted if I told you I have a water-ring around the inside of every one of my toilets?

Soap residue under every soap dispenser in every sink in the house?

No toilet paper left in my master bathroom? (Who cares ... I have two other bathrooms to use.)

Bark on my stairs that I tracked in this morning but didn't have time to vacuum up?

Would it disgust you if you saw how dirty my stove-top is?

If you knew my guest bed sheets hadn't been cleaned since the last guests left? Two months ago (Oh boy ... even that grosses me out).

I'll tell you what disgusts me ...

My house is NASTY, and I have company staying at my house this weekend.

I have a lot of work ahead of me with very little time.

Anybody want to organize a Cleaning Party?

Are you grossed out with me ... or do I seem more human? 

Are you still my friend ... or are you judging me?

Either way ... my house remains dirty ... and I need to get up off the couch!

1 comment:

jlhowerton said...

Not disgusted at all....just think you're actually human......