Tuesday, September 2, 2008

First Day of School

Today was the 1st day of school.

I got up nice and early, did my hair, make-up, put a special dress on, and drove with an air of excitement to work.

You see ... most people talk about how excited parents are or how nervous the kids are ... but many forget that teachers feel the same way.

All the kids looked so cute today. New clothes. Fancy hair styles. New backpacks. Special pencils. Shiny shoes.

At the beginning of the day, the room was filled with a mixture of anticipation, nervousness and excitement. Parents eagerly dropped their kids off and snapped one last picture. Students found their desk and started their new life as a 1st grade student.

It was awesome.

I am blessed to spend my days with kids. 

I am a very lucky girl to have my dream job.

I couldn't ask for anything else.

Here's to the 2nd day of school ...


Eve said...

You are such a great teacher Lisa!

Jodie Howerton said...

Can you please teach my kids every year????