Thursday, September 18, 2008

Band Geeks

Many of you know that I am a secret band geek (and I use that term affectionately).

I love playing my clarinet, and I play it often for my students.

However, my social awareness caught up with me in high school and I dropped out of the marching band.

I totally wanted to be with my girlfriends. Dressed in school colors. Ribbons in my hair. Face painted with the favorite player's number. Losing my voice from screaming so loud.

I still love going to WHS games to watch Jay coach. I always sit closest to the band and can't wait for half-time.

I secretly long to be out on the field with the march band. Clarinet mouthpiece resting on my bottom lip. Thumb tired and aching from holding up the clarinet. Counting sets of 8's to keep in time with the music. Feeling out of breath. Wearing the stiff uniform. Precariously balancing my tiny sheet music on my little marching-stand.

The highlight of my clarinet career came in 5th grade when I was asked to play a Christmas song in front of everyone at Christmas mass. I even have some ridiculous pictures to prove it (I was in a very awkward [ugly] stage).

I digress ... back to present-day ...

Yesterday when I let Cooper outside, I heard the distinct sound of a novice clarinet player. Guess what folks ... my young neighbor just joined the band!

That's right!

Hold on to your ears ... my 5th grade neighbor played squeaky scales and slow renditions of Hot-Cross-Buns for a GOOD twenty minutes.

I was in heaven and giggled many times while making dinner with my slider open. I actually sat in my backyard and listened (I think this may board-line on inappropriate neighbor behavior/stalking). But come on ... this was too good! My mind wandered back to the days when my mom made me stay in my room [with the door shut] and practice for 15 minutes each night. How difficult it was to find the correct finger-hole to cover. How long it took to memorize the correlation between notes on the page, and finger positions.

I have not yet asked my neighbor if I can play with him. But I bet we could compose a pretty sweet duet. I'm going to give him some time ... but soon.


Eve said...

Hey you need to post those sweet pics of you playing in front of everyone!!

Carlee Avery said...

I'm a total clarinet band geek too, friend! Oh, and the 5th grade concert pics...yikes! My band teacher from 5th - 9th grade looked me up and is already asking which instrument my daughter will play next year!(she goes to the same school I did!) She'll be the first child of a student for him- crazy!