Friday, September 5, 2008

Wine & Dying

School is well underway, which means I get to hear funny kid-comments all day long!


In the cafeteria today, a student of mine from last year said ...
Student: Ms. Diederichs, you're room smells like wine.
Me: Um, what do you mean when you say my room smells like wine?
Student: I mean your room smells like a mixture of alcohol, cleaner, and wine.
Me: Oh, I see. Interesting.
Sidenote: I had just given my students anti-bacterial soap ... NOT wine.

A different student, a different comment:
Student: Do you know that if you eat healthy, you won't die?
Me: Yes, I think I heard something like that.


Jodie Howerton said...

As a parent who would love to have the least amount of colds possible, I'm THRILLED with your use of sanitizer....even if your kids think you're drunk. :)

Linda Vujnov said...

I LOVE the student comments!! LOVE them!