Friday, October 17, 2008

Money-Sucking Empire

How come I can't just go to Costco for what I need?

Jay and I went to Costco last weekend for toilet paper (I know, romantic, right!?!).

Just toilet paper.

I was aware that the odds were stacked against me for sticking to my one-item list, so I get myself a budget.

Here's what I said to myself: "Lisa, you are only going in for toilet paper. However, if you find something else, it's okay. You may not spend over $100 though. Not under any circumstance (cool Halloween decorations, new pens, new clothes, etc.) is is okay to spend over $100 today."

With that said ... we headed in ...

Here is what I came home with:
  • Dog Bed (he already has 3)
  • Q-Tips (I'll need them eventually, right!?!)
  • Tupperware that is microwave safe (GENIUS!!!!)
  • Toilet Paper (at least I didn't forget!)
  • 2 packs of men's socks (yes, I wear men's Gold Toe socks ... I love how high they come up my leg ... they keep me very warm in the winter under my jeans)
Here is what I put back on the shelf after putting it in my cart:
  • New set of Pyrex
  • Halloween decorations
  • Laundry detergent (don't really need it, yet)
  • Dishwasher detergent
  • A book
  • A Wii controller charging station (this was mainly Jay's 'want')
  • A bag of chicken breasts
  • 18-pack organic eggs
And ... my grand total was $99.90

Now that's budgeting people!


becky said...

You walked away from chicken breasts???? Wow now that's determination! I buy them every time I go well that and TP!

Diane Davis said...

very impressive indeed. for the first time in YEARS i bounced a check last week. why? because i went to target and spent $342. Yeah. two weeks later and i still have buyers remorse. i hate that feeling. it would be hard for me to spend less than $100 at Costco... good job. :)

btw... when i looked up what check bounced i am absolutely mortified. it was to the church. ugh.

Amy Cheng said...

Wow! I'm impressed. But...that new set of Pyrex..hmmm....would've been nice.