Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pirates & God

Today's writing activity was to write about your Halloween costume.

The kids were supposed to write:
  1. What their costume is
  2. 3 details about their costume
  3. What they like to do
Some of them turned out so cute ... spelling errors and all.

Here is one that made me laugh hysterically:
I am a Pirate.
My das (dress) is dlac (black) and rad (red).
My hat is dlac.
My dos (boots) ar (are) dlak and rad.
I like to lok (look) for god (gold).
Hmmm. Who knew?!?

1 comment:

Nicole said...

I LOVE THAT STUFF. Oh how I miss children who can write :)

so funny... and yes it has been a long time. i was doing so well writing every day! then this week has been blah.. maybe ill write about that...