Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Much Better Recap

Jodie wrote a WONDERFUL post about our experience of the Portland Marathon.

Jodie is a great writer and remembered to include way more details then me.

How could I forget
  • Our "if they look at us when we cheer we get a point" contest
  • Obsessively stalking our friends online (sorry Jodie if you're REFRESH button doesn't work anymore!)
  • Our wicked-awesome breakfast of french toast with killer REAL maple syrup
  • The bearded runner. He really was awesome, wasn't he!?!
  • Jay FLAT-OUT ignoring us at the 26 mile marker
  • The rain
  • The tears
  • The cheers
  • The exhaustion due to lack of sleep
Click here to read a much better recap of the exciting day!

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