Sunday, October 12, 2008

Pumpkin Patch

We (which really means me) ate kettle corn, hunted for the perfect pumpkin, (Jay) pushed around a wheel-barrow and had a blast today!

This was my prized pumpkin. Later, when I found a better-looking pumpkin, I broke off my relationship with this one and left it in the dirt. Literally.

I really wanted this green pumpkin but Jay specifically stated he wanted an orange one. 

I adore this smile ...

I actually had to teeter our camera on top of a pumpkin to get this shot. Some people stood by and watched me struggle. I thought it was more funny that they stood around not offering to help, so I never asked for it. I like a challenge.
Food consumed: 1 hot apple cider, 1/2 bag of kettle corn, 2 bottled waters, 1 piece of pumpkin pie, 1 corn on the cob
Monday spent: $71.10
Memories: PRICELESS!


Nicole said...

dang those pumpkins are HUGE!!!!!!

I LOVE the pumpkin patch

Linda Vujnov said...

That pumpkin would have cost $300.00 in the OC, seriously.

Lisa said...

oh thanks for saying that linda.

because i paid $20 and figured i was getting ripped-off (which i'm sure i was).


neely said...

first, i love that you went there without kids.
second, i tagged you on my blog.