Monday, October 20, 2008

Teeth Pride

This is an extremely unattractive picture. 

First of all, it was taken the morning Cooper jumped up on my bed and accidentally scratched my cheek. 

Second, it's really close up, making every nook and cranny visible.

With that said, it also supports my argument for the following conversation that happened today. 

Scene: Me and about 50 kids at the parent pick-up loop after school.

Me: Hey buddy, I see your mom.
Student: Ok, can I walk to her?
Me: Let's wait till she gets a little closer.
Student: Ok.
Me: How was your day?
Student: Good. Oh, and Miss Diederichs?
Me: Yah
Student: I was gonna tell ya, your teeth looked yellow yesterday.
Pause ... pause ... pause
Me: What do you mean?
Student: I don't know, your teeth were yellow yesterday.
Me (missing the point): Do you mean Friday?
Student: No, yesterday.
Me (now just kinda wanting to be right about what day it was): Yesterday was a stay-home day.
Student: Oh. OK, yah. I mean Friday then.
Me: Hm. Weird. Well ... you're moms here. Have a good night.

Ok ... first of all, I KNOW I don't have yellow teeth. I am a CRAZY oral health-care individual. I brush and floss and tongue scrape daily. Many times daily.

Secondly, I bleach my teeth. One time my dentist told me to "Knock it off, stop bleaching your teeth."

Last week in a staff meeting, a co-worker of mine randomly (out of the blue) said, "Lisa, you have the whitest teeth in the whole school."

I take pride in my teeth and I don't care what any 2nd grader says ... my teeth aren't yellow.

And the above picture proves it!

On another note ... my neighbor is currently practicing his clarinet


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Kelly McPherson said...

This is fantastic because I was just thinking on Saturday that even in the romantic candle light, you had amazingly white teeth! I don't think that they got whiter overnight by the way, so maybe yellow and white are the same color to the poor child. :-)