Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Who's The Biggest Loser Now?

Tonight, I'm officially boycotting myself from ever watching The Biggest Loser again.


And I'll tell ya why ...

I watched an episode last season, and realized as people fought to lose a hundred pounds ... I was eating a bowl of ice cream. 

A bowl. 

Not a cup. 

A bowl. 

And it also included some chocolate and slivered almonds.

And honestly, it made me feel terrible about myself.

And once last season when I happened to walk past the TV and The Biggest Loser was on (and people were once again fighting to lose a hundred pounds) ... I was eating an Oreo.

So tonight ... I tried to watch another episode.

While coincidentally eating a carmel apple (of course).

And here was the kicker ...

The contestants were playing a game called THIS or THAT. They were presented with two entree choices and were asked to pick the healthier one.

THIS was a whole wheat bagel with light cream cheese. 

THAT was an english muffin sandwich with ham, egg and cheese.

And guess what was better for you? 

The english muffin meal yo!

And guess what else y'all? I had THIS for breakfast the other day. And my cream cheese was not light! Which once again reinforced my terrible food choices.

And thus explains my reasoning for never watching The Biggest Loser again.


Because I choose to keep my self-esteem semi-intact, thank you very much.


Diane Davis said...

LOL... I'm watching it right now and I ate a bagel and cream cheese for dinner TEN MINUTES before that game. Yeah, Ben and Jerry have also joined me while watching the losers.

Kelly McPherson said...

Lisa, sometimes I have a donut for breakfast because I am able to say to myself, "Hey, it's better than having no breakfast!" which is what I read in a magazine somewhere and I choose to believe it. So I think you're totally healthy. As for the ice cream, you're giving yourself the calcium your body needs at our age to prevent disease later. And almonds-that's like health food!

Aimee said...

I love this post! Too funny!! And I too have caught myself watching that show while eating something naughty... granted I don't need to lose 100 pounds, so maybe it's alright, but it always struck me as an oxymoron of sorts. :)

the country mouse said...

haha i am always eating while I watch that show. always. I feel no guilt