Sunday, August 3, 2008

Cancun - Day #2

Today was a great day in paradise. 

Mom, I wore sunscreen the entire day ... reapplying liberally many times throughout the day. Still managed to get a little to much sun on my chest. 

Understatement: Jay ... is a lobster. I have no idea how. He wore sunscreen all day. 

Jay cracks me up. He is such a kid. He layed in the sun for a bit, but mainly swam, body-surfed and even jogged the beach. I on the other hand did the following (in no particular order): ate, layed, swam, read, napped. Yep ... that's about it. Read: NO physical activity. Oh wait ... that's a lie. Here is our conversation going down to the beach this morning:

Lisa: You know, once when my family and I stayed in Puerta Vallarta, the elevator was broken, so we had to walk up-and-down 6 flights of stairs every time we went to our room. But when I left, my butt was sore and I think a bit tighter.

Jay: Cool, do you want to take the stairs down to the beach?

Lisa: Yah, we're on the eighth floor ... that would be a great workout.

Conversation this afternoon on our way back up to our room from the beach:

Lisa: If you think I'm walking up the stairs right now ... your frinkin' crazy!

Jay: (giggling) Ok, we'll take the elevator. (Smart man).

Needless to say ... my only physical activity today has been walking down eight flights of stairs.

Superficial Section:
  • I saw the hairiest man I've ever seen in my entire life today.
  • The couples here are very interesting. The chicks are way better-looking than the dudes they're with (we would be one example of this). Joking. No I'm not. Yes I am. :)
  • The people who work for the resort are really nice. When you thank them, they say, "It is my pleasure." I just love that. I think I'm going to start saying that once I get back to the states.
  • There are a lot of couples from the south. Woman hardly speak at all. We sat near a table of two couples (from the south) at dinner tonight. I was facinated by them. The women couldn't get a word-in to save their lives. At one point, Jay told me to stop looking at them, and look at him. Oops. 
Oh, this was an actual conversation we had at dinner tonight. Thought you'd appreciate it:

Lisa: (giggles)
Jay: What's so funny?
Lisa: I think in my blog tonight, I'm going to include a section of my post called SUPERFICIAL SECTION, because I've been having some really shallow thoughts today.
Jay: Good idea, are you going to include that we say the hairiest dude ever today?
Lisa: Babe ... don't doubt me ... of course I am.

We had the most amazing dessert drink tonight. It was regular coffee with some Tequila and a ball of vanilla bean ice cream on top. HEAVEN.

That just about wraps up day number two. We're entertaining the idea of going into town tomorrow to buy a camera. Jay bought a disposable camera today, but insists on having a real one when we see the ruins.

Again ... no spellcheck to excuse any errors

Much love to you all ... from Cancun ... Lisa & Jay

P.S. I know there is something I'm forgetting from day #1 because I thought of it last night but now, of course, I can't think of it.


Eve said...

Oh I really wish I was doing no exercise on that beach with you!

When I read about your dessert drink I actually said OHHHH Out loud!!

I love to people watch too. Bill has said the same thing to me at dinner - sometimes I just can't stop myself from watching. ;)

Carlee Avery said...

I'm making that drink for ME tonight...maybe I can drink my way to paridise...?? Or at least so I forget my new house guest for a bit...
yeah, Im not kidding I'm making that drink - that way when my kids break their OWN legs on my moms crutches playing on the stairs I wont be as worried...Ok, I'll do that.
You brighten my day! Love it all!!