Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cancun - Day # 7

I slept in this morning because I had such a rough night of sleeping. 

Our friend's Steven and Kirsten got married the day we left for our trip, so we sadly missed their wedding ... but alas ... we found out their were honeymooning in Cancun.

Hey ... nothing like crashing a honeymoon!

Steven and Kirsten came over to our hotel and we spent the day with them, reading, laying, giggling, hearing stories of their wedding, and swimming in the Caribbean. It was wonderful to catch up with them. They live in California and I never feel like I get to see them enough.

This was our last full day in Cancun, so we all got dressed up and went to a fancy restaurant for dinner. After dinner, we went to a show our hotel was putting on, and then back to the restaurant for dessert. 

Allow me to be so humble as to say I had also been running to the bathroom all day today, and yesterday. Good times.

Steven and Kirsten stayed long enough to see more sea turtles come up to lay their eggs, then we all called it a night. Well ... everyone else did ... my fun of not-sleeping was just beginning.

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