Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Sometimes you don't realize how much you'll miss someone ...
... until they're already gone.

Sometimes you miss someone before they even leave ...
... because you know how much you'll miss them once their gone.

Today was my first day working at Cottage Lake without Veronica.

We were hired the same year and have worked together for 8 years.

We've become co-workers and friends over the years. Traveling together, movies, dinners, parties, weddings, ... you name it.

She is the best team-mate a girl could have. She will do anything for you and bend over backwards trying if she can't. She was one of my few friends that I really (read: heavily) relied on during my divorce. She has seen me at my best and worst. Literally.

Today ... I really, really missed her. 

Veronica transferred to a district closer to her home. She has a beautiful daughter that she is now closer to. Not commuting allows her to spend more time with her family.

I am happy for her. Thrilled she is able to spend time with her family.

In the same regard ... I miss you V.

Today our entire staff met and we did a fun ice-breaker game. We all lined up according to how many years we've worked at CLE. 

You weren't beside me.

Something was missing.

My partner in crime was gone.

My side felt cold.

I wanted you there.

Today, I as missing you.

* I thought you'd enjoy our Halloween picture from last year for a giggle. I was Pikachu (and yes, I was really hot ... you have NO idea how many clothes I have on underneath my costume) and V was Minnie Mouse. She was cute (of course). I was a chubby cartoon character.


Jodie Howerton said...

I miss her too. Sniff, sniff........

Veronica Underwood said...

You know I am crying right now. It is really hard to be away from all of you. I am missing my home.

Melissa said...

I SO completely understand this! I teach middle school in Portland, and my co-worker/FRIEND/buddy/the-one-i-relied-on-for-everything just left me as well. Except she moved to OHIO:-( This week has been hard for me too, without her. Thank you for sharing!

P.S. I found your blog through my cousin Sarah. Thanks for writing!

Mary Diederichs said...

It is always the hardest for the one left behind. Lisa, I feel for your loss and Veronica, I celebrate your move. As a mom, I too want to be close to my children. Lisa be strong. P.S. I have tears in my eyes. I miss Veronica too. can't even see to type.