Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Waiting For The Last Day

I had one main goal for the summer.


To clean my den.

My den is a disaster.

It looks like a war zone.

Correction: It IS a war zone.

Books. Cords. Card-making supplies. Stickers. Scissors. Photo Albums. Ipods. Printer paper. School work. Tutoring Supplies. Tax paperwork. Bible. Two Printers. Two Computers. Stamps. Coins. Envelopes. An array or gifts from students. VALENTINE'S Day gifts (read: old. very old). Notebooks. Bags. Posterboards. 

... on and on ... on and on ...

I start back at work tomorrow so guess what I spent my ENTIRE day doing?

That's right ... cleaning my den.

I'm subscribing to the "better late then never" policy.

It's not perfect ... but it's much better then yesterday!

My goal has been reached.

I've always been a procrastinator ... but perform excellent under pressure!


Carlee Avery said...

Ditto on working better under pressure!! I'm the Queen of procrastination!

Jodie Howerton said...

If you have any energy, all the closets in my house are disastrous...I mean, slightly disorganized.....I mean, nevermind, now I'm embarrassed..

Good for you, cleaning crap up! When kids go back to school, I'm all over my office!

Anonymous said...

I too am Queen procrastinator. If I finish a task early I always end up forgetting something. If I wait, I always worry about forgetting something that I over do it!!

Ashley Julian said...

Hello, my name is Ashley and I'm a procrastinator.
We're in the same club! But, yeah you got it done.

(Kate's 1st day was great. I posted an update on my blog. Thanks for asking!)