Saturday, August 2, 2008

Hello Cancun!

We've made it to Cancun!

We've been up since 2:45 am (thanks again to Joe for taking us to the airport at such a terrible time). Our flights were smooth, minus some flying anxiety - but I won't name names (not me). The take-offs are hard for Jay (oops, just named names) but he was a trooper and we made it to paradise.

We're staying at the most beautiful all-inclusive resort. Here's the thing with all-inclusive resorts ... you have to eat and drink A LOT in order to make up for the cost. So ... not wanting to waste any money (of course), we've been eating and drinking since we arrived! 

Our room overlooks the Caribbean. The water is turquoise, warm and perfect. Our room is on the top floor and overlooks the beautiful pool and ocean. Not too shabby, I say!

Tonight while we were eating dinner, we noticed a bunch of people crowded together, down at the beach. We quickly finished our dinners and ran down (with our drinks) to see what everyone was doing. They had a large container of baby sea turtles (that hatched yesterday)! It was so cool. We each took one in our hands, named it (mine was Calvin, Jay's was Slyvester) and released them back to the ocean. Jay and I felt bad about participating in this event, but were equally drawn to it at the same time. The baby sea turtle's chances of living are very slim due to its predators and we couldn't help but think we were interfering with the natural cycle of life.

With that said, it was a very cool experience; one we will never forget, but also probably won't do again.

We're sitting in the lobby bar right now (making up for the cost of the trip - mixed drink anyone?) and we're waiting for the "Welcome Show." I'm sure I'm 'that dork' in the corner with her laptop. I don't care man ... I'm blogging to my friends! All the newlyweds are looking at me (you know ... cuz newlyweds totally look at other people on their trip?!?) probably wondering why I'm on my computer sitting in the middle of paradise.

Here's our first comedy of errors ... the camera we brought has a dead battery. Jay tried charging it all night but apparently it doesn't hold a charge anymore. So ... in order to get a picture, the camera actually needs to be plugged into an outlet. Practical? I think NOT! Funny? You betcha!

We'll be camera-hunting tomorrow.

Hmmm .... apparently blogger won't let me upload a picture (no worries, don't have one anyway!) or use spellcheck ... so sorry for any errors.

We're looking forward to a really relaxing week together. Updates tomorrow (but probably no pictures) ... 

Love, Lisa & Jay

P.S. I know we sound like total alcoholics ... but if you know us, you know this is out of character ... which also makes it really fun!
P.P.S. Jay loves the (complimentary) slippers they provide in our room. He wants to bring a set back for everyone. I'll talk him out of it by the time our week is over. You're welcome.


Eve said...

Wow what a beautiful resort!

I want to go...

Have a wonderful time and I will live through you(your blog)this week. :)

Anonymous said...

Any Thunder???? Its not a trip until you have that:)

Have fun...Danielle