Sunday, August 24, 2008


I couldn't get to sleep at all last night. I tossed and turned and tried with all my might.

I was really tired.

I needed sleep.

It was all very frustrating.

Here's a recap:
  • Can't fall asleep. My stomach is killing me tonight.
  • Decide to read
  • Realize 5 pages into my book that I have NO idea what I've just read.
  • Must be too tired to read.
  • Put book down, turn off lights
  • Can't sleep, still focusing on my tummy and wondering when, wHeN, WHEN this hurt will stop
  • Turn on my IPod and play a few games of Solitaire on it
  • Eyes get heavy. YES! This is a great sign.
  • Try to find a comfortable position where my stomach hurts the least
  • Find one. On my left side.
  • Hair blows across my face.
  • It tickles
  • I itch my cheek
  • Oh no, now I have the itchies
  • Scratch my right side. It itches too
  • Now the space between my shoulder-blades itches. This is getting silly.
  • Realize that this is getting ridiculous. Am I making this up? Why isn't my body allowing it's itself to drift off to sleep?
  • It's my right side again. It itches. I scratch it.
  • As a result, my tank-top creeps up my back just enough that a breeze flutters over my lower back
  • Now my lower back is chilly
  • Pull down said tank-top, pull up the sheets.
  • Cooper gets up. What the heck could he possibly want at this ungodly hour (2:00am)
  • His ID tag and Rabies vaccination tags are rubbing together
  • Have they always been that loud?
  • Lay and wonder what I ate tonight that is upsetting my stomach so bad.
  • Also start thinking about the beginning of school. Why not? I'm not sleeping anyway.
  • A train (and I'm not kidding you on this one) blazes by the house (we're still at Jay's parent's house in Spokane) at 3:00 in the morning. I think the train conductor blares his horn a bit louder and longer then usual. Maybe he's saying 'hello' to all the people who are still awake ("Hi train conductor! I hear you!"). Maybe he has an evil plot to wake everyone in Spokane.
  • Think about all the possibilities for a while.
  • Cooper comes back into the room, jumps on the bed and lays in front of me, to be spooned.
  • I try this for a while but realize (a) I'm ridiculously hot (b) he has all the room. I have none (c) he has perfectly vacant bed on the floor. I boot him off the bed.
  • Some time after the dog-booting ... I drift off to sleep


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