Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Cancun - Day #4

Hey all ... you know when you've been on vacation a few days and the sun catches up with you (read: you're really, rEaLlY, REALLY tired)? 

Yah ... that's us tonight. 

We're lame-o's. No night-life tonight.

The weather was beautiful today. 

I did the same: read, lay, eat, rest.

Jay did the same: lay, body-surf, run.

Tomorrow we have an all-day tour to Tulum. We have to be in the lobby at 7:40am and we return to our hotel at 6:00. Will be a long day ... but really fun.

We are truly having a blast in Cancun. This place is beautiful, and Jay are having a blast together.

Every day they have contests in the pool. Today, volunteers were to throw a tennis ball into a bucket (placed in the middle of the pool). Whoever makes the ball in the bucket wins a free week's stay.

Knowing Jay's throwing skillz, I volunteered him. And you'd never guess who won? Out of about 30 contestants, Jay was the ONLY one to make it into the bucket (which ... oddly enough was actually a Darth Vader helmut, turned upside down, but for blogging-sake I thought it easier to just say 'bucket'). 

Anyway, we found out that the actual prize was not a free week (lairs!). When, in reality, Jay won a Sun Palace (the name of our hotel) plastic visor, Sun Palace plastic water-bottle (can you say BPA?), and a Sun Palace frisbee. 


Tomorrow will be a great day too. I hope to have more energy to tell you about it. :)

We love you all ....

Love, Lisa & Jay

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Jodie Howerton said...

Washington is just incomplete without the two of you here....glad you're having fun...remind me to tell you about my trip to Cancun when I was 18...... :)