Thursday, April 17, 2008

It Massages

This year, I have 19 boys and 5 girls in my class. That's right. 19 boys. Bless my soul.

I can't tell you how many times I've taken a nap after school, skipped a spin class out of pure exhaustion, or thought "this will be a night where I have a glass of wine." These boys TIRE me out. And I'm only 31 years young!

Here is a PRIME example of the boy-ness in my room this year:
Me: Oh my goodness! Why are you wearing your pants like that?
Student: I don’t know. I just like to.
Me: But it can’t be comfortable sweetie.
Student: It is. I like it. It massages.

Oh boy.

Me: Massages what? (VERY scared to ask, but come on ... I couldn’t resist.)
Student: My chest.

Thank God.

He’s been wearing his pants like that all day.


Robbin Stedman said...

This absolutely kills me! Kids do the funniest things imaginable! I love it. Take a nap for me tonight.

Anonymous said...

Your stories about the kids you teach are heartfelt. I can feel the love you have for them and how they fill you with laughter. Your college tuition was well spent. We love you.
Mom and your Dad

Linda Vujnov said...

I LOVE it. That is the best. I once had a student ask me why my teeth were brown...didn't know that my teeth were brown!