Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Why Won't You Just Tell Me?

My neighbor is selling her house.

She hasn't told me this yet, but another neighbor casually brought it up in a conversation last week. When he told me, I thought, "That's weird, she hasn't told ME she's moving!"

How self-centered am I?!? But really ... why hasn't she told me?

So, for the last week, whenever I see her, I talk to her to see if she'll tell me. I don't know why I play these ridiculous games.

For example, last week when I was mowing my lawn, she was outside REALLY doing yard work. I mean, like "I'm about to move and want my yard to look good" yard work. We're talking MAJOR weeding, trimming, weed whacking, edging, etc. I said something lame like "So ... doin' some pretty serious yard work huh?" DORK!

She lightheartedly said, "Oh yah, just trying to spruce things up!"


I was leaving for my walk yesterday, when I noticed my neighbor cleaning out her garage. REALLY cleaning it out, with boxes. I thought, "Ah ha! THIS is my chance!" I stopped in and said, "Hi Jennie! Cleaning out your garage huh?" 

UGH ... but I just CAN'T help it!

She said, "Oh, Lisa, just the cutie I was looking for (she really said that .. isn't that sweet?). Perfect ... do you want some beer hon?" Note: she's from the South and always calls me things like Hon, Sweetie, Cutie, etc.

"Oh, no thanks, I don't drink beer Jennie." I replied.

"Oh, you're not drinking beer anymore?"

"Jennie ... I don't EVER drink beer. I don't like it." I kindly reminded her.

"Oh, bummer, well, do you know anyone who would want it? Any of your friends maybe? It's good beer (not that I'd know) and I REALLY don't want it to go to waste."


At this point, I got so tired of talking about beer (and a bit discouraged we got off the subject of me trying to get her to admit she's moving), that I just TOOK the dang beer!

So anyway, I remain uninformed. I heard her outside tonight while I was eating dinner but I didn't want to get offered anything else.

She's already given me beer (that I'll never drink), three bottles of wine (yah!), a tree (I'm not kidding) and a lawn mower (that I actually turned down). See above picture. Water-warped sign reads: FREE LAWN MOWER ... needs a tune-up.

I'll let you know once she confesses the truth ...


Amy Cheng said...

So, after talking about it, I just had to check out your blog. That story is hilarious. I'll take a beer. :)

Mary Diederichs said...

I love that she calls you endearing names. Too bad you're loosing her as a neighbor. Good news about the wine though.

Joe said...

freakin hilarious. She kept trying to pawn off her stuff on me too while I was cleaning out my garage and making garbage dump runs. When the for sale sign comes I hope you ask her about it non chalonte(sp?)

Jodie Howerton said...

Sheesh! I say, get all the free stuff you can! Especially try for more beer... :)

Lyonslove said...

Hey Lisa- I heard you had dinner with my brother yesterday. I am jealous. How fun.