Saturday, April 19, 2008

Zippy Reminds Us

I just finished reading A Girl Named Zippy by, Haven Kimmel. It is an adorably funny book about growing up in Indiana in the late 1960's, early 1970's. The author's humor is wonderful and her stories are hilarious!

The ending (I won't give anything away) was really touching. The final chapter had the author looking back on Christmas' of the past. She was from a rather poor family. However, she and her family went over to their friend's house (who were well-off) for a Christmas Eve celebration every year. I thought this part was particularly thought-provoking:

"And then in the living room I saw the tree. It was enormous and sat directly on the floor, instead of on a table, as ours did. This was a thing with both depth and circumference, and it smelled of pine, rather then like the back of my parents' closet. Santa had not even come yet, but there were dozens of presents under the tree, including a basket of nuts with a nutcracker, and another with, oh, my God, oranges. I feared for my friends, and I also wanted to be them. I wanted such a tree in my house, and so many presents that they could simply be scattered about. It is an amazing moment, when one goes from being grateful for what one has to longing for what is impossible."

Made me think of the AWAKE retreat when Neely said, "When we compare, no one wins."

But remember being jealous of friends? Wanting what your friends had? It's human nature to want what others have. 

We should ALL spend more time being grateful for what WE have instead. Thanks Zippy (and Neely!), for that reminder!

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jillnik said...

Hi Lisa D! Thanks for sharing your blog. Just wanted to let you know that I just started this book and I LOVE IT! The writing is wonderful and it brings back such great memories of growing up in a small town. Thanks for sharing and hope you are well!