Saturday, April 26, 2008

She Confessed!

I feel like I haven't blogged in a long time. I've been VERY tired and to be honest, too tired to even THINK about typing. I've been coming home from work the last few days, taking a long nap, waking up for dinner (can't miss a meal!), and going back to bed. I have some neighbor updates though. 

On Thursday evening when I was taking out my garbage, Jennie offered me a hanging basket. Very nice of her. I declined. She insisted. I stayed strong in my conviction to NOT receive ANYTHING else from her.

I woke up this morning and saw a new pile of "free stuff" in front of her house. Of course I took a picture (I'm just waiting for the day she catches me taking pictures of her "free stuff" piles!). This particular picture is of the hanging basket (that I turned down) and a plant. 

Today, while I was cleaning out my garage (she inspired me to clean stuff up, I guess) Jennie came home from work. She immediately changed into 'grubby' clothes and started right up with yard work, tidying up her garage, etc.

I thought, "That's it ... it's time she tells me." So ... I said, "Man Jennie, you are doing some SERIOUS cleaning and yard work!" 

And she said, "Well ... I'm selling."

THAT'S IT!!!!! I had built it up SO MUCH in my mind, that I was actually kinda disappointed when she told me. We talked a bit about her plans, where she's moving, etc. And then ... it was over. My game of "when is she going to tell me" was over. SAD!

I AM happy to report that Jennie is still offering me free stuff though. I think that may be my new game: "What will Jennie offer me next?"

Today, she offered me an (empty) wine box from Columbia Winery and a FREAKIN' piano. Like a HUGE, NICE piano. I don't play piano, but she said she'd be happy to donate it to my school. Isn't that so sweet!?! 

Seriously though ... how many people get offered a FREE piano? 

Here is a list of the things she's offered me so far:
1. Beer
2. Wine
3. Tree
4. Lawn Mower
5. Hanging Basket
6. Plant
7. Wine Box
8. Piano 

I'm going to miss her so much.

As I type this ... there is a garden statue of a little girl on her curb.


I'll try to take a picture of it tomorrow morning.


neely mcqueen said...

i love free stuff! i would take it even if i didn't need it...just because it's free. good thing my neighbor isn't moving...

Jodie Howerton said...

Sheesh! Is she running from the law or something? Maybe she's secretly in the mafia...and if off loading stuff so it's not traced to her...better check for dead bodies in the piano.. :)