Monday, April 21, 2008

I'm A Tanned Goddess

I went to Costco on Saturday with absolutely NOTHING to buy and A LOT of time on my hands. With that said, $80 later, I ended up walking out with the following items:

A Calvin Klein shirt
Crest Toothpaste
Crest Mouthwash
Jergen's Self-Tanning Lotion
Lever 2000 Bar Soap
Two Books (Beautiful Boy & The Friday Night Knitting Club)

I've never bought self-tanning lotion before, but my new goal of NOT going to a tanning bed is JUST KILLING ME! The last time I tanned was almost a year ago, and I'm standing strong in my pursuit to maintain my youthful skin, even though I HATE my pasty-white complexion. 

That said, I decided to buy the dang COSTCO-sized tubs of lotion. Well that, and it was TOTALLY on sale. Two HUGE tubs and one small one for $11.99 PLUS an INSTANT $3.00 rebate. I mean, COME ON! Who couldn't resist that?!?

I didn't realized how truly awesome the picture on the package was until I got home. Let me start by saying that I LOVE looking at pictures that marketing companies choose to put on their products. These ladies are BEAUTIES! Am I going to look like that soon? Will I lose 15 pounds, gain 7 inches of height, and have long, luscious, dark locks of hair and a golden tan?

Man ... why didn't I buy this stuff sooner?

Take a LONG look at the above picture. I'm gonna look like that soon! I'm gonna be SMOKING HOT!!

Why didn't I give up tanning sooner?

Let me know if you want any ... I have A LOT!


Jodie Howerton said...

Ok, you are already smoking hot! But, I'll be honest..if you have extra tanning lotion, I'll take it! I definitely want to look fabulous for my PTA meeting tomorrow night!

Kristi said...

Let me know how it works for you. I tried keeping strong and staying out of the tanning beds, but I couldn't resist. Looking like casper the friendly ghost isn't my idea of looking smoking hot, ha! Keep me posted, let me know if you turn orange. love you! Kristi