Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Earth Day Shenanigans

This is a picture a student drew for me today. He said "It's a picture for NO LITTERING!"

While the kids were walking into class this morning, I was saying, "Happy Earth Day!" to everyone

Most of them mechanically said, "Happy Earth Day!" back to me.

Except one (and I'm still trying to figure this out). He looked at me and said, "Yea! We get to go to space!"


I'll never know.

Earth Day Joke (from the mouth of a 7-year old):
Question: "What do you say to someone if they are born on Earth Day?"
Answer: "Happy Bearthday!"

I enjoy turning my students into earth-conscious people. I'm an avid recycler and constantly reminding them to put things in the recycle bin apposed to the garbage. We do many things throughout the year that the kids and I are very proud of. We just finished reading 100 books (through scholastic.com/ClassroomsCare and rainforest- alliance.org) and helped to save 100 acres of rain forest! Earlier this year we read 100 books and were able to donate books to kids in need. I am proud of my students for eagerly wanting to help make our world a healthy (and happy) place to live.

So today, I was really excited to lead a class discussion on Earth Day. Here are some of my favorite responses:

Question: "What does Earth Day mean to you?"
Answers (and I quote): "To protect our planet."
"Discover the earth."
"It's Earth's birthday."
"A day to celebrate the Earth, kinda."
"A day when you help our environment."
"A day when you make Earth a better place."
"You like, celebrate like, the Indians because they first came to this land."
"In the High Flyer magazine we read, remember when those airplanes were flying? I think Earth Day is when those planes take off and see if anything bad is happening to the earth."
"The first day the earth was discovered. 3,000 years ago or something."

Question: "What will you do for Earth Day today? What will you do to help our earth?"
Answers: "Respect it and take care of it."
"Use as small a paper as possible."
"Don't litter."
"Save our world and be healthy."
"Pick up litter and trash."
"I might plant a flower."
"Pull weeds."
"This is for when I grow up: Take off in an airplane and check out our earth. And, pick up trash at the beach."
"Not drive a car and ride my bike instead."
"We shouldn't use our lawn mowers because they have piston-engines that give off pollution."
"Grow peas."
"Um, take out the garbage for my mom and dad."
"Don't chop down trees."
"Don't crack off branches of trees."
"Save the jungle."
"It's a good thing no one said, "Chop DOWN trees, because trees actually make air!"

Happy Earth Day!


Through change comes strength said...

That picture is GREAT!!! He has got it right! Sounds like you guys had fun today!

marisabutterworth said...

I just read all of the kid's responses out loud to my husband. Those are hillarious. I almost peed my pants. (I am not lying).