Monday, April 21, 2008

Earth Day 2008

Tomorrow is Earth Day. April 22, 2008.

Many of you know that we had the AMAZING privilege of hosting the Dalai Lama in Seattle last week. I read this in the Seattle Times today and thought you might enjoy it, in light of Earth Day tomorrow:

"The Unites States and other wealthy countries need to downscale their lifestyles and try to focus more on inner contentment, the Dalai Lama said on Sunday.
There simply aren't enough natural resources on the planet to support all 6 billion people on Earth imitating Western lifestyles, which consume large amounts of water and electricity. Because there are limitations on external material resources, but not on internal ones, it's better to seek contentment and peace rather then material things, he said."

What will you do for Earth Day tomorrow? Plant a new flower in your yard? Take a walk and soak in the beauty around you? Pick up trash off the ground? Make a commitment to be better about recycling? Turn off lights when you leave a room? Turn your dishwasher onto the quick cycle?

Whether you do something small or big ... your little bit will make a HUGE difference.


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