Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Dressed To Impress

I've mentioned before that I have a lot of boys in my class this year. In fact, the boy/girl ratio is 19:5. Last year, it was the exact opposite; the boy/girl ratio was 6:16.

Last year, I used to care (more) about what I wore and how I did my hair at work. The girl ALWAYS noticed and LOVED it when I wore a skirt, curled my hair, got a new pair of pumps, etc (anything that they deemed as 'fancy'). 

This year, I'm sure the boys wouldn't notice if I shaved my hair or cut off a limb. I'm more about jeans and khakis this year along with my hair straight; either up in a (boring) ponytail, or down. NOTHING SPECIAL.

With that being said, I made an attempt to look nice one day by curling my hair. I felt really hopeful. I was giving my students the benefit of the doubt. Surely they'd notice. Surely they'd just LOVE it and think I looked lovely.

Here is what I got from a student the (one and only) day I wore my hair curly this year (I should note, this is was as they were walking through the door, FIRST THING in the morning):

Student: Ms. Diederichs, what happened to your hair?
Me: What do you mean?
Student: Why didn't you do it today?
Me (totally irritated that a 6-year old was 'calling out' my curling skills): What do you mean I didn't do it? I curled it!
Student (long pause, contemplating response): Why did you only curl half?


UGH! I give up.


Linda Vujnov said...

When our power went out I could not blow my hair dry and went to school with it up in a claw-type clip. I was able to dry my bangs with heat from the stove. The first student I saw, a boy told me that my hair looked " the bom" or however you spell it. CRAZY!

I'm sure that your hair looked great and that all the teachers in the lounge said so.

Lyonslove said...

That is great! I teach 1st grade so I love stories like that. Are you Caleb's teacher? I love your blog. You are very creative.