Wednesday, April 16, 2008

My Heart Is Warm

Yesterday at lunch, my student noticed I wasn't wearing my diamond encrusted dolphin necklace. SHOOT!! I felt terrible. I had left it on my desk the day before, in an attempt to remember it.

Alas. I forgot.

Why are kids so DANG observant about that kind of stuff, but TOTALLY oversee things that are important to US, like untied-shoelace-danger?

So, this morning, I took off my (stupid) Tiffany necklace, and promptly put on my brand new, straight-from-the-heart necklace!

Here's the best part, when my student saw that I was wearing my necklace, she yelled, "YEAH! ME TOO!!!" and showed me that she too, was wearing hers.

They are so easy to please.

Sigh ... my heart is warm.


Jodie Howerton said...

You are a GREAT teacher.

Robbin Stedman said...

She called me after school and told me that you did that! SHE JUST LOVES YOU TO PIECES. She would totally be in your class forever if she could.