Saturday, November 29, 2008

Absent // Present

I've been absent from blogging ...

... and present with my family.

Every second of the last 3 days have been spent with family, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

We laughed, cried, giggled, ate, drank, discussed, hugged, listened, walked, napped, cooked, and simply spent time together.

It's amazing how much you learn about each other just by being.

I also had the extreme pleasure of spending two days with my cousin Jenna. Last night, my cousin Jamie joined us and we had a cousin sleep-over at my house. We ate way too many calories, watched way too many movies, took way too many trips to the grocery store (3 trips in one night to be exact) and giggled all night long.

Now my house is quiet.

The cousins have left.

Cooper is asleep.

Laundry is going.

The soft hum of the dishwasher lulls the air around me.

I am happy.




Nicole said...

that's awesome. those are the perfect days.

Diane Davis said...

it sounds like you have an amazing family. i'm glad you were able to have so many 'present' moments.

thinking of you and your last minute preparations for the trip!