Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Cooper's Day At School

I brought Cooper to school with me today.

It took us 34 hours to get to my classroom this morning because Cooper had to mark each-and-every bush with his urine along with way.

While we were walking through the parent pick-up loop (visual: many parents dropping off their kids for school), Cooper decided that this was the proper time and place to take a huge dump.

Of course he did.

He also strategically placed his body directly in front of our 'Welcome To Our School' sign. Now known as 'Welcome To Our School, Home Of The Pooping Dogs.'


I couldn't be more proud.

Once we were safely inside our classroom (and I had sworn under my breath about a thousand times regarding Cooper's poop and pee placements), Cooper and the kids had a blast.

Well, I should restate that. Cooper and the kids had a blast for like 7 minutes.

Then Cooper went behind my desk and laid down (I took him to school with me a lot when I taught Kindergarten so he's way more interested in adults then kids).

Sorry kids, he's quite unimpressed with you. He sees way to many of 'your kind' to be interested anymore.

All in all, we had a fun day!

1 comment:

Eve said...

Oh what a treat for all. The kids for getting to visit with Cooper and for Cooper getting to spend the day with you!