Monday, November 10, 2008

Be BPA Free!

I finally took back all my (BPA-filled) water bottles!

I've mentioned before that if you bought your old water bottles at REI, using your REI membership card, they will take them back and give you a merchandise credit.

So ... I took back 12 old Nalgene bottles and got 3 new BPA-free water bottles.

My SIGG water bottle is my favorite one. Mine has a different lid, but this was the only picture I could find.

Isn't it great?

More info here and here if you're interested!


Patrick said...

I agree - BPA free is important. The company I work for, Aladdin, recently came out with BPA free water bottles and I'm really excited about them. What I love about these water bottles, next to the fact that they are BPA free, is that they are slim enough to fit in my car cup holder as well as my bike rack. Also, they're only $11.99. You can check out these bottles out at

Diane Davis said...

you had TWELVE nalgene bottles?!? thanks for the info... it is something i need to learn more about.

Amy Cheng said...

Yeah...I saw it tonight and was totally jealous.