Thursday, November 27, 2008

Prayer Requests

Thanks to everyone who has supported me throughout my mission preparation. We leave on December 3rd and will be returning December 14th. Only a few days until we leave!

One of the most important things our team needs during our trip is your PRAYERS. The purpose of this trip is to provide assistance and support to the ministries of iThemba Lethu, as well as serve the needs of community members impacted by the heartache and destruction of HIV/AIDS.

To learn more about the organization we'll be serving alongside, click here.

With Jodie's help, we have put together prayers requests for our team. If you pray ... please join us and support our team in prayer. If you don't pray, this can be used as an itinerary so you know what we're doing on each day. Please keep us in your thoughts.

1. Pray for each team member to be touched and moved and selflessly serve. May our hearts be broken in the ways God's heart aches for the hurting. May we be compelled to act on behalf of those in need. May each team member return home forever changed and passionate about continuing to serve as God leads.

2. Pray for our team's unity that together we might strengthen and support one another. May relationships come easy and unity be boldly experienced together as a team. May we break through the challenges of traveling with others to find the sweetness and honor of sacrificial service.

3. Pray for safety and protection as we travel abroad and through Durban, South Africa. May we be kept free from danger and challenges that might distract from being most effective for the work God has provided for us to carry out during this time.

Below, you will find a detailed list of specific prayer requests for each day we are in Durban, South Africa.

December 3rd-4th
  • Pray for safe travel. We are flying half-way around the world today! Pray that we are able to get some sleep on the plane and for peace instead of anxiety during the flight.
  • Pray for refreshing sleep on the 4th. Pray against exhaustion.
  • Pray for our families at home
December 5th, 6th, 7th
  • We begin ministry immediately on the 5th. Pray for energy, protection, and good connection with the 5th and 6th grade students we are mentoring.
  • Pray for the program we are in charge of. Music, message, discussion groups, crafts ... pray we adequately communicate how VALUABLE the children are to God.
December 8th
  • Today we are taking the 12 babies from iThemba Lethu's transition homes on 2 field trips. First to the beach, then to some botanical gardens. Pray that the regular house mothers are able to enjoy their day off and rest!
  • Pray our team is able to connect to the babies and communicate Jesus' unconditional love to them
December 9th, 10th, 11th
  • For these three days, our team is teaching a "Holiday Club" program for students in the township of Cato Manor, an impoverished "shantytown" community where HIV/AIDS infects upwards of 60% of the population
  • Pray for our safety protection and health as a team
  • Pray that our teaching, singing, etc., effectively communicates God's love
  • Pray for connection with the students
  • Pray against exhaustion and illness
  • Pray that the students are able to encounter Jesus in a life-changing way
  • Pray for our organization, that the program runs smoothly
  • Pray for good communication between our team members
December 12th
  • Today is a rest and debrief day. Pray that we are rejuvenated and refreshed!
December 13th
  • We spend the day at iThemba Lethu's transition homes, helping out with various service projects. Pray that our efforts help aid the ministry of iThemba Lethu!
December 14th
  • Two members of our team head home today (Me & Natalie). Pray for our safe travel.
  • The rest of the team will drive to a game park to view some wild animals. Pray for safety and rejuvenation.
December 15th & 16th
  • The rest of our team heads home. Pray for safe travels.


Eve said...

I'm already praying Lisa... I hope you have the most amazing trip ever, come back safe and tell us all about it!

becky said...

I will be praying for you Lisa and your whole team!