Friday, November 7, 2008

I Seriously Have To Do This?

Holy Cow ...

Never underestimate the gargantuan job of writing sub plans for 9 school days!

My brain is so flooded with things 'not to forget to tell the sub' that it might explode.

I've resorted to making lists.


Many lists.

I must keep in mind: This ship will not sink without me. They are kids. They are resilient to change.

On another note: I'll be leaving for Africa in 25 days!

That is if I finish writing my novel.

Also know as: Sub Plans For 9 Days


Nicole said...

oh gurrrrl I feel ya. good luck with that! one day is hard enough for me.

Carlee Avery said...

And here I was totally nervous for when Tami leaves me in charge of our class...never thought of it on the other end (and ours are pre-kers!)
Have fun with that!!