Monday, November 10, 2008

Hmmm ... What To Do?

I have nothing profound to say.

I just feel like I MUST do a post because I actually have a computer sitting in front of me.

Yah, I'm stooping THAT low.

I came into work on a non-work day.


But seriously people, what does one do without a computer?

I started reading a book!

I woke up on Saturday morning and thought, "well what the HECK am I gonna do all day?"

Obviously I spend WAY to much time on my computer.

Anyway, just saying hello.

I miss the blogging world.

Again, pathetic.



Eve said...

No, what would we do without you? Think of all of us that love to read your wonderful posts...I hope you get your computer back soon. ;)

Diane Davis said...

my computer stopped working last night. i woke brian up and said he has to do something tonight because i'm off work tuesday and wednesday and can't be without a computer. pathetic.

have you read Three Cups of Tea or Eat Pray Love? i enjoyed both of those and was just reminded of them on another friend's blog.

Diane Davis said...

Lisa... i just remembered a book you should seriously check out before your trip. i'm not sure what you will be doing, but i read a book called "28 Stories of AIDS in Africa" (I think by Stephanie Nolan) and it was excellent. She tells one story for every million people living with HIV/AIDS in Africa (28 stories for the 28 million). She is an excellent writer and the stories are not only heartbreaking and heartwarming, but they are also extremely helpful in the education of the complexities of the disease. Seriously, check it out.


Lisa said...

diana ... i couldn't get into THREE CUPS OF TEA for some reason. But I loved EAT PRAY LOVE. I'm also reading a book right now called DARFUR DIARIES - STORIES OF SURVIVAL. that's the book i picked up this weekend out of boredom and desperation! ;)

pathetic! but at least i admit it!

i'll check out the book you suggested!