Thursday, November 6, 2008

Welcome ...

... into my world.

While driving home tonight, something magical happened.

One of my favorite songs EVER came over the airwaves.

I was in heaven.

Sweet Dreams by Annie Lennox came on and I said (to myself of course), "Are you KIDDING me? Yessssssssss!"

And then I quickly grabbed my phone.


Cuz I'm kinda good at singing this song (to be said with a sarcastic tone).

The truth is ... I practice this song.

A lot.

How? You may be asking?


American Idol presents Karaoke Revolution to be exact (the reason I have this game in the 1st place is an entire blog post in itself).

My apologies for only being able to capture 15 seconds of this small piece of heaven.

Enjoy ... and Your Welcome.


becky said...

All while driving, Kudos Lisa Kudos!!!

Jodie Howerton said...

Oh my GOSH! Are you Annie? You are hilarious!

Suzi said...

You are a frickin' RIOT! I love it! And when do I get to come over and sing with the karaoke??!!

Excellent job!!

Diane Davis said...

i LOVE this song!!!

and you sound good too. :)

sorry for all the rain...

Lisa said...

no worries diane. remember ... i love in seattle. ;)

Eve said...

You are too funny Lisa and that was just what I needed tonight!

Kelly McPherson said...

I'm not sure how you did that, but I'm completely impressed! What a fantastic way to start my Friday. Thanks Lisa!