Saturday, November 8, 2008

Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

I had a BAD day yesterday.

I finally sat down to cry about it an hour ago.

I can not log onto my report card system at work.

"There is an error with your account. Please contact the Technology Help Desk."

Dear Help Desk, when you say you are open until 4:30 to take calls ... be open until 4:30. Please don't make me wait at work for your call that never comes. I was late to the dinner that I was hosting. My guests were there at my house. I was not. Nothing got resolved. I can not do my report cards from home on Monday like I planned. I can not do them from work either. There is something wrong with my account ... but you aren't available to return my call, because you don't work the hours you say you work. From, a very disgruntled costumer, who works her alotted work hours & more.

I got home (late) to waiting guests. Had my dinner party. Guests left. I sat down to blog. My computer died.


Like never-coming-back-from-the-grave-dead.

I have no computer.

My hard drive has crashed.

No redeeming information.

Said information was never backed up.

My bad.


So, my computer is getting sent off to Apple on Monday.

I have no computer and no way of doing report cards.

I have lost over ten years of pictures. I have lost my SPU papers (that took me a year to write) that I'll need next year when I finish up my class.

For the record, YES, I am totally aware that there are FAR worse things that are happening all over this world.

But please, allow me this small pity party.

Gotta get off the computer, my parents need their computer back. ;)


Anonymous said...

Ohhh honey, I'm sorry. That is AN AWFUL DAY. I HATE when that happens, calling and endless holding, and no help from the "help desk" I will be praying that when you take your computer in to back it up that they will be able to recover A LOT of what you had on there. I have had this happen, when I dropped my computer, and yes I didn't back up either. :( I can't remember what we were able to recover. I'll just be praying God has you covered. It will get better. Sending you a bubble of love. XO XO Hugs. Victoria

Diane Davis said...

you are the 5th person i know that this has happened to in the past month.

i think the universe is telling me to back up my computer.

sorry for all the stress on your end. that really does stink. especially losing all those pictures.

Jodie Howerton said...

AH, CRAP! I'm SO sorry. That just sucks. I hope they can retrieve the info at Apple! I'm praying that they are computer super heroes!

Nicole said...

Oh that sucks. Im so sorry! Hopefully apple can figure something out. Apples arent supposed to do that!

hope tomorrow goes better for you. you didnt lose all those sub plans did you? THen i would cry right along with you.

Ashley Julian said...

Wow, I'm sorry. That really does suck! My computer crashed about a year ago and I had 2 photo sessions on there that I hadn't backed up yet. One was a VERY pregnant friend with twins. The first session was hard enough for her and then I had to call her and tell her we had to do it again. Thank God it wasn't a wedding.

I hope Apple is able to recover your data. Mine was lost forever but maybe you will be luckier than I was.