Sunday, November 23, 2008


I am to tired to form complete sentences and thoughts.

So ...
  • Melaine & I saw Kathy Griffin on Friday night. It was awesome. I laughed for 2 solid hours. That woman cracks me up. I'll post pictures when I'm not so lazy. My camera is in my car which is in the garage which is currently way to far for me to move.
  • On Friday night, I had a 'first.' I paid for my dinner before it arrived. We were in a hurry and our food took forever. So we paid our bill 1st and ate it 2nd. Never done that before. We got a free dessert. It was deep-fried Snickers bars served with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. Also know as: Heaven In My Mouth.
  • I had a latte at 5:00pm in order to stay awake on Friday night. Bad idea. Due to before-mentioned latte, I went to bed at 2am.
  • I mainly laid in bed all day Saturday, minus a Starbucks run, a tanning appointment and a shower. A lazy day was a necessity in order to survived the upcoming week. Date Night had high expectations. Dinner and movie. A night on the town, if you will. Date Night ended up consisting of a Subway run and watching Whale Wars on demand. We were both too lazy and tired to leave the house. Oh, and we watched the Apple Cup too. Jay wanted me to make sure I blogged about how thrilled I was that the Cougs won. That will never happen Jay! We truly are a house divided.
  • Today was a whirlwind. I went to church, drove all the way home, let Cooper out, tutored, collected luggage from various people for our donations we're taking down to South Africa. Then back to Woodinville for a Goodbye party for Glenda. See you in SA Glenda!
  • Before church today, our mission team got together and we were all prayed for (picture to be posted soon). It was an amazing experience. We stood in the middle of a many people who put their hands on our shoulders and prayed for us: for our effectiveness, health, safety, and impact on the children of SA. I cried. Powerful stuff.
  • On my way home from church all I wanted for lunch was a tuna sandwich, pickle, chips and Diet Coke. I had to make do. I ended up eating a tuna sandwich, no pickle, stale chips and a Diet Coke. I missed you Pickle.
  • I've realized that I'm totally addicted to caffeine. Not sure what I'm going to do about that. I didn't have time to make coffee before church today so I had to 'fake-it.' The SECOND Glenda saw me, she said, "Are you okay?" Shoot! She can't be fooled. I meekly said, "I just haven't had coffee yet." Not sure what I'm going to do about this realization yet. I'm in the first stage right now: Accepting I have a problem.
That about wraps up the weekend.

Have a great week ... I'll be doing more parent-teacher conferences. Have some tough ones tomorrow. Better get some coffee on the way to school!

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