Friday, November 14, 2008

Guess Who?

We play a game called "Guess Who I Am".

The kids ask me detailed, describing questions and I answer with a YES or a NO. I pick someone that they all know: Shrek, Cinderella, a teacher at school, etc.

This game never fails to entertain me. Half the kids don't listen to each other's questions and my answers so most of the time I get very random questions and totally 'off' guesses.

We were playing this game yesterday and I swear to you this is how it went:
Me: Guess who I am?
Students: Are you a girl?
Me: No
Students: Are you in a movie?
Me: No
Students: Do you have red hair? (They ask me this question every time we play because one time I was Ariel from Little Mermaid and they've apparently never forgotten it)
Me: No
Students: Are you a kid in the class?
Me: Yes!
Students: Do you sit in the 1st row?
Me: No, ask me more describing questions, not where-am-I-sitting-in-the-room questions.
Students: Did you crack your head open today and get stitches?
Me: Yes!
Students: Are you Cameron? (Yes, I really had a kid who cracked his head open yesterday)
Me: Yes!
A totally clueless student looks depressed that the game if over. I asked, "What's wrong?"
He said (looking totally defeated), "I was just about to ask you if you were R2D2."

Seriously ... did he not hear ANY of the questions that kids have been asking?

Once last year, this is how the game went:
Me: Guess who I am!
Students: Are you a girl?
Me: No
Students: Are you in the movies?
Me: Yes
Students: Are you a cartoon?
Me: Yes!
By the way, it's taken me many months at this point of teaching the kids what kind of describing questions to ask for clarification ... then guess who I am because usually they'll just start guessing who I am right away and the game takes forever!
Creative Student: Do you throw fire balls?
Me (pause ... pause ... trying to figure out why he asked me that): No. Why would you ask me something like that?
Creative Student: Oh, I thought you were Mario.

You know ... cuz he eats that mushroom and then he gets "fire power" in Super Mario Bros.


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Diane Davis said...

i love these stories. makes me want to have a kid. seriously.