Sunday, November 30, 2008

Random Fact #3

When I was a little girl, our house caught on fire while we were gone running errands. The element that turns the dryer broke but the heat continued to fill the dryer with hot air. All the towels in the dryer caught on fire and we came home to a smokey house and a burnt laundry room.

I had nightmares for many years afterwards. They always were centered around my house on fire with me trying to escape.

Very scary.

And because of these nightmares, I am deathly afraid of my house catching on fire.

When I know I'm leaving my house, my self-diagnosed OCD kicks into high gear.

I walk around the house making sure all lights are turned off.

All lamps unplugged.

All kitchen appliances unplugged.

It literally takes me upwards to ten minutes to leave sometimes.

But here's the kicker ...

If Cooper is leaving with me, I am fine leaving right away.

However, if he is staying home, I am consumed with the vision of him being trapped in my burning house. I would never be able to forgive myself if that happened.

It's terrible.

And now that my outside Christmas lights are up, I NEVER leave Cooper at home.


Are you kidding me? WAY too many faulty wires and bulbs to leave anyone at home with all the lights up against my house.

No way.

No thanks!

And I never, ever, ever leave the washer or dryer going when I'm gone.

If you turned yours off too, that would really help my OCD.

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Eve said...

OMG Lisa I feel the same way about leaving my house when the dogs are staying home. If we take them with us I really don't worry.

When we had that motel fire in our room, we all kept thinking what if Lewis had been left in there by himself! That thought a lone bothered us the most.

Christmas trees are another thing I worry about.